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**Title 19 - Open until Monday, March 4th, 2024

Request for written comments to proposed modifications to Rawlins Municipal Code Title 19 relating to Fences, Impound Yards, Junk/Salvage Yards, Wrecking Yards, Self-Storage Facilities, Businesses Storing Inoperable Vehicles, and Towing Businesses in Commercial and Industrial Zones 

UPDATE: The City has adjusted our proposed modifications to Title 19, including the definitions of Junk/Salvage Yard and Wrecking Yard and removed the recommendation to require opaque fencing. Due to these adjustments to our modifications, we have extended the timeframe to receive public comment until Monday, March 4th.  We strongly recommend that anyone who reviewed the proposal prior to Wednesday, February 14th review the proposals again. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank the community members who brought inconsistencies to our attention.

Public comments will be accepted through Tuesday, February 20, 2024. The Public Comment period has been extended to Monday, March 4th, 2024. 


Rawlins City Council, City of Rawlins Community Development, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustments invite members of the public and stakeholders to provide valuable written input through a public comment period. Feedback is crucial to the decision-making process, and we welcome diverse perspectives from members of the community. 

We are seeking written public input and comments regarding proposed modifications to Rawlins Municipal Code Title 19 related to fences, impound yards, junk/salvage yards, wrecking yards, self-storage facilities, and towing businesses located in commercial and industrial zones. This also impacts businesses storing three or more inoperable vehicles, even if they are in the process of repair, as these are storage lots incident to the business. The modifications, when finalized, will represent the legally enforceable responsibilities of businesses operating within commercial and industrial zones as they relate to fences surrounding impound yards, junk/salvage yards, wrecking yards, towing businesses, and other impacted businesses. 

Here is a link to a .pdf with the proposed modifications as updated on February 14th. A highlighted section indicates that there are changes within that section, a strikethrough indicates proposed deletions, and an underline indicates proposed additions. There is no difference between the changes shown in red vs. green text. Section 19.40.050 is included and highlighted because it is relevant to the topic at hand; however, there are no changes to 19.40.050 specifically. These modifications can also be viewed in person by visiting the Public Works office, located at 915 3rd Street in Rawlins. To view the full current Title 19, please visit this link

The written public comments and feedback are intended to assist the City Council in understanding the requirements, needs, and limitations associated with fencing in commercial and industrial zones, as well as the interplay with beautification plans for our community before the modifications are placed on the City Council’s agenda for reading, public hearing, and adoption.

How To Submit Written Comments:

In-person: Drop off written comments to Sonia at the Public Works/Community Development office, located at 915 3rd St. in Rawlins 

By US Mail: Public Comments, c/o Sonia Gamblin, Public Works, 915 3rd St. Rawlins, WY 82301 Attn: Title 19 Public Comments 

By Email: Sonia Gamblin's Email Address - Click to Mail with the subject Title 19 Public Comments. If you are having trouble with the link the email is "sgamblin @" with no spaces

Online Form Submission: Please fill out the form below to send your comment directly to Sonia Gamblin.

Public Comments for Title 19 relating to Fences, Impound Yards, Junk/Salvage Yards, Wrecking Yards, and Towing Businesses in Commercial and Industrial Zones

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