Board of Adjustments


By-Laws (PDF)

Municipal Code (PDF) 2.60

7 Member Board & Term Expiration 

  1. Christina Linn (1/31/2027)
  2. Shauna Roberts (1/31/2026)
  3. Vacant (1/31/2025)
  4. Vacant (1/31/2026)
  5. Anne-Terri Ezell (1/31/2027)
  6. Stanley Bugg (1/31/2025)
  7. Bruce Seilaff (Council Representative) 


PURPOSE: A quasi-judicial board established to review applications for variances from certain zoning requirements, appeals from administrative decisions concerning zoning, and certification of legal non-conforming uses

MEETINGS CALLED AS NEEDED: By Bylaws, meetings are held on the third Wednesday or Thursday (usually held third Thursday) at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 521 W. Cedar Street, call 307-328-4599 to verify the meeting date & time

For more information, contact Community Development at 307-328-4599. 


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