Use Request Tracker to report your concerns.

IN AN EMERGENCY, ALWAYS CALL OR TEXT 911. For other requests for the Police Department, Fire Department and Animal Control, please call Emergency Dispatch at 307-328-4530.

Animal Control: Call 307-328-4530 or submit form below. ALWAYS CALL TO SUBMIT URGENT/TIME-SENSITIVE REQUESTS. 1 Forms
City Hall: Call 307-328-4500 to reach City Hall Departments or submit form below. 5 Forms
Code Enforcement/Nuisance Abatement/Parking: Call 307-328-4530 or submit the form below. 3 Forms
Community Development: Call 307-328-4599 or submit the form below. Community Development is responsible for Facilities, Planning, Landfill/Recycling, and Cemetery Records. 4 Forms
Community Relations: Call 307-328-4500 ext 1022 or submit form below. 2 Forms
Finance: Call 307-328-4500 or submit the form below. 3 Forms
Fire Department: Call 307-328-4596 or submit form below. Always call 911 in an emergency. 1 Forms
Human Resources: Call 307-328-4500 ext. 1014 or submit the form below. 1 Forms
Parks & Recreation: Call 307-324-7529 or submit form below. 5 Forms
Public Works: Call 307-328-4599 or submit form below. Public Works is responsible for Utilities, Streets, Engineering & Water Treatment. 4 Forms