Shooting Range Advisory Board


Bylaws - January 2023

9 Member Board - 3-year term

  1. Todd Canaday (6/30/25)
  2. Tonya Taylor (6/30/25)
  3. James Shearer, II (6/30/24)
  4. Brent Wilkes (6/30/26)
  5. Roger Epp (6/30/25)
  6. James Ainsworth (6/30/24)
  7. Larry Jackson (6/30/24)
  8. Chris Iacovetto (6/30/26)
  9. David Gier (6/30/26)
  10. Megan McComas - 1st Alternate (6/30/25)
  11. Anthony Zabala - 2nd Alternate (6/30/24)



The purpose of the board is to advise the Rawlins City Council in promoting the physical and mental well-being of residents of all ages and adding meaning to the leisure time of the entire community, through the shooting sports, to encourage the safe and effective training, education and development of shooters without regard to their age or gender. Further, the board shall promote the shooting sports and competitions at the facilities to ensure the safe and effective use by the general public. For more information, email or call at (307) 324-7529.


2nd Wednesday of each month at the Recreation Center November through April and at the Outdoor shooting complex May through October.  All Meetings of the board are posted on the City of Rawlins calendar