Patrol Division

Chief Michael Ward

At Ceremony


The Patrol Division is committed to taking calls for service. The Patrol Officers are commonly the first responders to most of the action in the city. Patrol is also responsible for all of the traffic-related issues in the city. Patrol Officers will take case reports ranging from vandalism and theft to assault and homicide. The Patrol Officer is ready to serve you in your time of need.


Daria Hooper

Lieutenant Daria Hooper

Richard Hooper

Richard Hooper

Jared Frakes

Lieutenant Jared Frakes


Christopher Craig

Sgt. C. Craig

David Greninger

David Greninger

George Phillips

20230517_OFC_George Phillips_02


Thomas Gamblin

Thomas Gamblin

Thomas Shroyer

20230517_OFC-DET_Thomas Shroyer_01

Joseph Balestrieri


Trent Wozniak

20230517_OFC_Trent Wozniak_01

Amber Yardley

20230517_OFC_Amber Yardley_02

Kevin Boriboun

20230517_OFC_Kevin Bouriboun_01

K9 Riggs

K-9 Riggs

K9 Bruno