Pay & Benefits

Parade Opportunities:

The Rawlins Police Department offers many different instructor roles and specialties such as K-9 Officers, Firearms Instructor, Custody and Control Instructor, Bike Patrol, Drug Recognition Expert, Investigations, and School Resource Officer.  We offer plenty of opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Pay and Benefits:

Hiring Bonus:  $2000 for new officers without prior experience and $3000 for Lateral Officers. 

Competitive Pay: Starting pay for a new officer is $46,196.00 a year plus any certification increases, with the top officer salary of $67,194.00. Lateral Officers are highly encouraged with starting wages dependent on experience at $49,316.80 plus any certification increases. We offer increased rank pay and paid overtime. 

Paid Insurance Premiums: The City of Rawlins pays all employee insurance premiums, a savings of $320 a month and $3840 a year for a family. 

Tuition Reimbursement: We value our employee's education and willingness to improve their skills set and offer a tuition reimbursement program. 

Pension: You are eligible for a 20-year retirement at 50% of your top five earning years, 62.5% at 25 years, and 75% after 30 years. Elementary School

No State Income Tax: Citizens of Wyoming do not pay personal or corporate state income taxes, no retirement income taxes, and enjoy low property and sales tax rates.

Take-Home Cars:  The Rawlins Police Department has a take-home car program where each officer is assigned a take-home patrol car. Take-home cars add to the visibility of protection in the neighborhoods in which the officer lives. 

Paid Academy:   All new officers will attend the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy. The Rawlins Police Department pays for the academy tuition while also paying the officer's salary. Experienced offices are encouraged to apply and may be eligible for peace officer certification reciprocity. 

Life Insurance

Sick Leave

15 Vacation Days and 6 Holidays per yearPatch and Badge Graphic jpeg.jpg

Dental and Vision Coverage are available

All necessary equipment provided: Duty Weapons, Vest, Uniforms, and Leather

Discounted family members to the Rawlins Family Recreation Center 

In-house Fitness Center 

Certification/Special Assignment Increases 

EMT-Basic:  $0.25/hr.

Peace Officer Advanced: $0.25/hr.

Peace Officer Professional: $0.25/hr.

Bilingual: $0.25/hr.

FTO (Field Training Officer): $0.10/hr.

POST Certified at Hire: $1.50/hr.

Associate Degree: $1.25/hr.

Bachelor's Degree: $1.25/hr.

NWU/SOPSC/FBI/Master degree: $2.50/hr.

*Public Relations Officer: $0.50/hr.

*DRE Officer: $0.50/hr.

*K-9 Officer:  $0.50/hr.

*Ad Crash Investigator: $0.50/hr.

*School Resource Officer:  $0.50/hr.

*Spillman Administrator: $0.50/hr.

*POST Certified Instructor: $0.50/hr.

*Investigations: $0.50/hr.

*Child Forensic Interviewer: $0.50/hr.

* only 3 increases allowed for categories marked with asterisk