Drug Education


The Rawlins Police Department recognizes that drugs are a common problem that effects everyone in our society. With this in mind, the Rawlins Police Department is actively involved in the Carbon County Drug Endangered Children Alliance and has nationally recognized instructors on staff who can bring up to date information to your organization to help understand the issues associated with drug endangered children in our community and how we, as a community, can act together to assist these children and bring more awareness to the problems in our community. (Contact Lt. Daria Hooper

The Rawlins Police Department has two Drug Recognition Experts that are nationally certified to recognize the common signs and symptoms of drug impairment. These officers primarily assist in drug impaired driving investigations to verify the driver is under the influence of a drug, or drug combination, and that the driver is too impaired to safely operate a vehicle. The Rawlins Police Department also has curriculum to share with members of our community to help recognize drug impairment in the workplace. The curriculum is available for your organization whether it be an office setting or an industrial site. A drug free workplace promotes a safer work environment, better productivity, and a safer community. Our drug recognition experts are ready to help your organization better understand how drugs effect human performance and what signs and symptoms to watch for in the event you suspect there may be a drug impaired person in your organization. (Contact Sgt. Jared Frakes or Officer Jesse Calhoun

The Rawlins Police Department has worked with Carbon County schools to help them better recognize the drug problem in our schools. Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals is a nationally accredited curriculum designed to help our educators understand drug impairment and help promote a drug free environment in our schools. This training is available for any educator from pre-school through college that may need help to recognize the signs of drug impairment in students or parents and be more confident in notifying law enforcement when they believe someone may be under the influence of an intoxicating substance in the educational setting. (Contact Sgt. Jared Frakes)


Please contact the Police Department at (307) 328-4530 to arrange for personnel to come to your school or organization.