Community Risk Reduction

Community Events and Education 

Fire Sprinkler Educational Video

The Rawlins Fire Department is very active in the city with education on fire safety. A considerable amount of time is spent throughout the year teaching children of all ages about fire prevention, home safety, and escape in a fire situation. Ask your child if they know your family's escape plan and meeting place! 

Adults and senior citizens of our community are involved on a regular basis though senior center safety talks, fire drills, and civic group meetings. Several programs sponsored by the Fire Department have provided residents with smoke detectors, home safety inspections, chimney cleaning tools, and various other aid with fire related problems.

Fire Prevention Week

The Rawlins Fire Department participates annually in National Fire Prevention Week activities. Each year, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) sets a national theme for fire prevention as well as giving out support materials and training aids.

The Rawlins Fire Department adapts these materials into our public education activities to deliver presentations to local schools ranging pre-kindergarten to high school. The department provides safety training for kids by utilizing our Smoke House, Fire Safety House, and hosting Station Tours. The Fire Safety House is mobile and allows Rawlins Fire Department personnel to travel to outlying communities and teach Fire and Life Safety.  

Community Events

The Rawlins Fire Department participates in many community events each year. Some of these include: 

  • Carbon County School District field days
  • Events with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carbon County 
  • Summerfest
  • Recreation center summer programs

Youth Firesetter Intervention Program 

The Rawlins Fire Department Youth Firesetter Prevention and Intervention Program is a program that has been formed to educate both youth and their families on a growing problemThe goal of this program is to educate youth in the dangers and hazards of playing with fire, explosives and ignition sources. 

Firesetting is a growing problem in the United States. The ages involved in the United States ranges from toddlers to late teens and come in all socioeconomic groups. 1 in 7 deaths from purposely set fires is set by a child under 15 years of age.

National Trends in Youth Firesetting

Nearly 8,000 residential fires are caused by child fireplay per year.

This accounts for:

  • Over 100 Deaths
  • 774 Injuries
  • Over $200 Million in property loss

Firesetting represents the highest cause of home deaths among children, and the 2nd leading cause of fatal home accidents.

For more Information on the Rawlins Fire Department Youth Firesetters Program please contact Fire Station One at (307)328-4596.