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Potential Extension of E. Miller Street to Higley Blvd.  

The City of Rawlins is evaluating the possibility of extending E. Miller St to Higley Blvd and is seeking the input of the residents. If you live within 1500’ feet of the dead-end of E. Miller Street, please take a moment to respond to a recent letter requesting input from the City of Rawlins. This extension could allow great connectivity in the neighborhood but could also alter traffic patterns. Please return all feedback by August 28, 2020. It will then go before council in Fall 2020.   

All owners of property shown within the radius below will receive a letter, including a reply form. If you do not receive your form you can send feedback via mail, drop off at City Hall or sent through “Report a Concern” at to “Community Relations”.  Please note in your feedback if you do/do not object to the Miller Street extension with any additional comments. Feedback is also welcome from other residents, and can be provided in any of the above methods also. We will give greater consideration to those most affected by the potential extension, but are open to all feedback.

Map and Drawing of Proposed Extension

Miller Street Buffer Radius Map

This is a relatively low-cost project and has been requested by a few residents. We are gathering information at this point and look forward to hearing if the residents think this would be helpful for them. We have also been focusing on maintenance and repair plans for the last few years, and will continue to do so.

For more information, please contact Mira Miller, City of Rawlins Community Relations Coordinator, at 307-328-4500 ext. 1022.

More Information

2017-2019 Street Projects Map

To get more information on any road construction or projects, please contact the Public Works Department at (307) 328-4599. You can also sign up to receive email and/or SMS (text) updates of all street maintenance which will result in a street being closed within the City of Rawlins at under Alert Center.