Streets Division

The Streets Division is responsible for ensuring the safety and maintenance of the condition of all public streets, alleys, and rights of way. They maintain all city streets and alleys including paving, snow removal, sanding, and sweeping. The streets department is also responsible for all city road closures for special events, signs, and more.

2020 Streets Plan 

The 2020 street work plan includes both rebuilds and mill & overlay projects, on a total of eight city streets funded by the City of Rawlins general fund, totaling $1.2m. We are also doing engineering design work on both Edinburgh St. and Walnut St., funded by the Specific Purpose Tax 6th Penny Project fund. This year’s design work will ensure all underlying issues are addressed when the work is completed, likely in 2021. See the 2020 Street Work Map for details on which roads are included. 

Of course, City Street crews will continue their general maintenance throughout the summer, including pothole patching, street cut repairs for utilities and other repairs, and smaller projects such as the one recently completed on Harshman near Murray St. 

Street Repair 101

Click here to read "Street Repair 101" which explains the 6 most common types of street repairs used in Rawlins. 

What about in the future?  

The Public Works department has also worked over the last three years to create a comprehensive plan of street work. Here is the map of current street needs (large file). We know that our streets need work and now have an overall picture of the problems. Unfortunately, if we were to do all the work this year, the total cost would be an additional estimated $53.5 million. 

Our goal is to complete all work and reach a point with planned maintenance and a consistent price tag. Until then, we will look at budget and traffic flow to determine which streets need addressed first. It’s a balancing act to make sure that we use all available funds where most needed.

We also leverage funds from Mineral Royalties Grants (MRG) from the State Land and Investment Board (SLIB) for street work that includes utilities.

Snow Plowing

For more information on snow plowing and emergency routes, please visit this page. 

Past Projects

2017-2019 Street Projects Map

Want most of this info to print? Click here to download a large file with 2 maps, street repair info and the 2020 road update. Please make sure to set your print settings to "fit to page" before printing. 

You can report a road concern here on our website, under Public Works, Road Concerns (along with a variety of other concerns for many city departments).

To get more information on any road construction or projects, please contact the Public Works Department at (307) 328-4599.