City Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

The city clerk is responsible for the preparation, execution, and archiving of all City Council documents as prescribed by state law and City Code.

Other duties include: 

  • Administering beer, wine, and liquor licenses
  • Administering Special Event Permits
  • Archiving City Council Documents, Official Proceedings, Ordinances, and Resolutions
  • Business and Animal Licensing
  • Elections – All elections are managed by the Carbon County Elections Office
  • Maintaining City Council Meeting Materials  
  • Providing Notary Public Services
  • Publicizing Legal Notices
  • Recording Official Documents
  • Issues Business Licenses for: Alcohol Beverages, Auctioneers, Bottle Clubs, Bingo and Pull Tabs, Circus Carnival & Amusement Shows, Animals Livestock & Kennels, Non-Resident Business, Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Sales, Peddlers, Solid Waste Haulers, Special Events Permits, Security Officers and Taxi Cabs.