Admin Services

City Manager

The City Manager’s position plays a unique role in assisting the democratic processes of the representative local government. The City Code provides that this position is the administrative head of city government, specifically mentioning personnel administration and the control and management of public utilities and property.

Guided by the vision and goals of the City Council, it is the City Manager’s charge to accomplish the direction set out by the Council. Oftentimes, this is performed by facilitating public processes, hearing and responding to the issues concerning citizens, offering alternative solutions, representing the position of the governing body, and offering education regarding the provision of public services and infrastructure. 

The City Clerk reviews and keeps the official actions of the City Council, manages documents, personnel records and liquor licenses. In addition to overseeing the safety and the citizens comment programs, serves as liaison to the public and administrative support to the City Manager.

The City Manager leads a monthly report to City Council and residents detailing progress and focuses. View them all here!