Municipal Solid Waste  Transfer Station

Municipal Solid Waste is "trash" generated during people's daily life.
Aerosol Cans (Empty) Yes Yes
Alkaline Batteries Yes No
Aluminum Plates & Cans Yes Yes
Bottles Yes Yes
Brown Bags Yes Yes
Bubble Wrap Yes No
Cartons/Food Container Yes Yes
Cardboard Yes Yes
Clothes Yes No
Diapers Yes No
Folders Yes Yes
Glass Jars Yes Yes
Food Yes No
Books Yes Yes
Jars Yes Yes
Junk Mail Yes Yes
Latex Based Paints (dry) Yes No
Magazines Yes No
Mirrors Yes No
Napkins Yes No
Notebooks Yes Yes
Newspaper Yes Yes
Paper Yes Yes
Paper Plates/Cups Yes No
Paper Towels Yes No
Paperboard Yes Yes
Phone Books Yes Yes
Plastic Bags Yes No
Plastic Containers (#1-7) Yes Yes
Pots & Pans Yes No
Styrofoam Yes No
Tarps Yes No
Tissue Yes No
Small Toys Yes No
Leftover/old Food Yes No
Office Supplies Yes No
Cosmetics Yes No

If an item is not listed above and you are unsure what types of waste it is please call the Rawlins Municipal Landfill at 307-328-4566.