Monument Details

Monument and Marker Materials

All monuments and markers, except for small temporary markers provided at the time of interment, shall be made of a permanent material such as bronze, granite, marble, metal, or be of a quality approved by the sexton or assistant.

Monument Installation

All monuments and markers shall be installed under the direct supervision of the cemetery sexton or grounds superintendent to ensure proper placement and conformity to cemetery regulations and standards. Monuments installed without the permission of the sexton will be removed if the placement does not conform to cemetery regulations. Monuments may be installed by a professional stone setter that has been approved by the city sexton.

Monument Borders and Foundations

All monuments and markers shall be installed with a concrete border or foundation at grade level and not extending beyond the lot line. It should be a minimum of three inches thick and should provide a minimum border of four inches on all sides of the monument. Vases and statues shall be installed with the base and foundation or shall be installed as part of the monument.

Curbs and Borders

No coping, curbing, hedging, borders, fencing, or enclosure of any kind shall be installed on any lot. Lot corners may be designated by stone or bronze corner markers installed in concrete at grade level that are entirely within the lot boundary.