How do I get on your Venders list.
To be notified of a Bid/RFP, send your Company information and the product/equipment you sell with the name of your contact person to: City of Rawlins, P.O. Box 953, Rawlins, WY. Attention: (originator of bid) Department. Check the website often for current bid offerings and submit your bids as instructed.

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1. What is the Mission of the City Manager?
2. When are City Council Meetings Held?
3. How can I contact my council member?
4. How can I get an item in front of City Council?
5. I am traveling through town, where do I go to get help?
6. What do I need to do to have a special event in the town, or in a park?
7. Does the City of Rawlins pick up trash?
8. Is there a Curfew for the City of Rawlins?
9. Can I post flyers within the city?
10. How do I register to vote?
11. What are your Water Restrictions?
12. How do I get on your Venders list.
13. What are the rules to have a Garage Sale?