What is the process in filing a vehicle accident report?
Any time there is an accident within the City of Rawlins you need to call the Police Department. If someone is injured in the accident you need to call 911. When a 911 call comes in on an accident, an Officer will try and get to the scene faster and an ambulance will be dispatched. In case of an injury accident, everyone must remain at the scene, especially the drivers of both vehicles. If the driver of any vehicle in the accident drives off, he or she could be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident with injury. In any case with an accident, all vehicles must remain at the scene. Do not move the vehicles until directed to do so by the Officers. DO NOT LEAVE the scene unless you want a ticket. If the damage to the vehicle (which means one or both vehicles combined) totals up to or over $1,000 Rawlins Police Department will complete the State Accident Report. You can pick up a copy of the Officers report at the Rawlins Police Department. . A charge will be assessed when picking up an Officers accident report. Let your Insurance Company know you were in an accident. I you have questions, please call the Police Station on their non-emergency number @ 307-328-4530 or stop by the Station located at 215 5th Street.

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