What is household hazardous waste?
Most of us generate household hazardous waste everyday. Items as common as cleaning solvents, paint, batteries, automotive oil, and antifreeze can become hazardous waste. If you read the labels of these and other similar items, you will discover that most have special disposal instructions or are not allowed in a landfill. Because these items are potentially hazardous, they cannot be placed in your garbage can or waste container. These common products can pose serious threats to the health of people, animals, and the environment. If not properly disposed of, these products may contaminate the soil, surface water, or underlying ground water. Once contaminated, soil and water are difficult and expensive to clean. Some contaminated water may never be clean enough to be used as drinking water. With a limited community water supply much of it from ground water residents must take significant precautions to protect our water supply from household wastes and other potential contaminants.

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