Do I need a Business License?
The City of Rawlins requires a business license for: Auctioneers, Carnival, Circus, Amusement Show, Exhibition, Solid Waste Hauler, Pawn Brokers, Second Hand Dealers, Security Alarm Operators, Security Officers, Taxi-Cab Operators and Taxi-Cab Drivers - contact Deputy City Clerk at 307-328-4500 x1001. For Gaming and Liquor Licenses - contact City Clerk at 328-4500 x1005. Contractors Licenses - contact Community Development at 307-328-4500 x1015. Food Services - contact Kevin Krough at 307-327-5105). The City additionally requires that all Non-Resident Business acquire licenses from City Hall by contacting the Deputy City Clerk at 307-328-4500. Applications can be found on the website (Applications are located under About Us/City Forms/Applications.)

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