Depot Rental Information

Depot Picture.jpgThe Historic Depot in downtown Rawlins is a former train station available for private rentals. Events held in the Historic Depot have included meetings, weddings, receptions, birthdays, graduation parties and more.

The Depot includes two rooms - the Center room and the East room which may be rented individually or together. The Center room includes the use of the non-industrial kitchen with a capacity of 101 people.  The East room has a capacity of 93 people.  Rooms are rented for a 24-hour period, beginning at 7:00 am., for $100.00 per room per day with a $150.00 deposit per room.   

The Depot is located at 400 W. Front Street, at the intersection of 4th and Front streets. 

Room Maps & Info: 

Depot East Room Map (PDF)

Depot Center Room Map (PDF)

To Rent the Depot: 

Rentals can be made by calling the Finance Department at 307-328-4500 or by stopping by City Hall at 521 W. Cedar during regular business hours. 

The calendar of rentals is available online to assist with planning. To view the calendar for each room, please click the following links. 

Center Room Rental Information and Calendar

East Room Rental Information and Calendar

To Rent the Depot Park Pavilion: 

The pavilion at Depot Park next to the historic depot can be rented through the Parks and Recreation Department by visiting the Rawlins Family Recreation Center at 1616 Harshman, reserving online here, or by calling 307-324-7529. The rental of the pavilion does not include exclusive access to all park facilities or access to the Historic Depot. 

Rental Requirements: 

Depot Rental Information (PDF)

Depot Rental Agreement (PDF)

Rental times are from 7:00 am - 7:00 am (24 Hrs). If you want to set up the day before or clean up the day after you must rent those days. If you are still in the Depot after 7:00 am on the day after your rental date you will lose your deposit. 

Keys must be picked up by by you or someone you trust by 4:00 pm on the last business day before your rental. Arrangements can be made to pick up the keys on Saturdays, Sundays or observed Holidays. Keys must be returned by 10:00 a.m. the next business day after your event, or if necessary they can be dropped off at the Rawlins Police Department Dispatch. 

Smoking: This is a public facility owned by the City of Rawlins. There is no smoking anywhere within the building. 

Alcohol: Permits are required if alcohol is present. Alcohol permits are issued at City Hall in the Finance Department for a minimal fee of $10.00. Having alcohol on site without a permit may lead to legal consequences. 

Historic Information

For more information on the history of the depot, please visit the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office’s site on the Rawlins depot. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1993, as the Union Pacific Railroad Depot.