City of Rawlins Pet Licensing & (Permit) Application

Kennel/Breeder Permit (submit to Deputy City Clerk at 521 W. Cedar Street, Rawlins, WY)

Kennel (Permit) Application (PDF)

Animal License Fees

Fees (PDF)

6.05.020 Permit Required:

It is unlawful for any person to keep, maintain, pasture, stable, corral or house within the city and within one-half mile beyond the corporate limits of the city, any livestock, wild animals, domestic fowl, bees or exotic pets without first obtaining a permit therefor, except upon the action of the city manager, or his designee, for special events and recognized youth programs. (Ordinance Number 4-97, Enacted, April 15, 1997)

6.08.010 Licensing – Generally:

a person maintaining a kennel who owns more than four (4) dogs and/or more than four (4) cats which are over six (6) months of age except for the purposes of conducting a bona fide dog or cat show for public attendance and appreciation, must be licensed as a kennel or breeder and must purchase a kennel or breeder license. Proof of current rabies vaccination must be presented for each dog or cat. (Ordinance Number 4-97, Enacted, April 15, 1997)

City of Rawlins Pet license Tags

can be purchased (with proof of Veterinary issued (current) Rabies License) from the Deputy City Clerk. Located at City Hall, 521 W. Cedar Street, Rawlins, WY. Phone Number 307-328-4500.

Rabies and City of Rawlins Pet licenses Tags can be purchased at: Carbon County Veterinary at 921 Airport Road Phone #307-324-5635 or Hones Veterinary Service at 517 W. Spruce Street Phone #307-324-9999.

For More Information

Please contact the Deputy City Clerk at (307) 328-4500 for more information on Animal License Fees and Permits.